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Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing involves the promotion of websites by increasing their website visibility in search engine results through paid advertising. It primarily includes:

Pay Per Click Advertising

In PPC advertising, you place a paid ad on search engines to display it on top of search results and you only pay when someone has typed in a phrase that is very relevant to your business in search engines and clicks on your ad.

Most of the entrepreneurs and businesses, including startups, prefer quick results compared to SEO and PPC is perfectly suited for this case. We at ByteCare Technology helps the internet business in PPC to target specific niche audiences at a particular geographical location, a specific time, devices, day, and also the time of the day. We offer complete control over the business spending on the paid ads so the clients are pre-informed that we do not overspend the budgets. And ByteCare Technology provides services of PPC advertising, through platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Display Advertisement

Display Advertising, Often Known As a Banner advertising plays a crucial role in digital marketing, both for direct response campaigns and brand awareness campaigns. Unlike search campaigns, Display advertising helps in targeting users through a different network of websites. The largest public network is the Google Display Network.

ByteCare Technology helps you in Display Advertising and offers flexibility to submit text, image, or video adverts, all of which will appear on websites selected by their contextual relevance and context. We find the perfect place on the internet to display your ads that fit into your digital marketing strategy that will result in the best engagement and conversions.


Remarketing allows you to target previous visitors to your website through other websites or platforms. We will help you manage the two main types of remarketing through Google AdWords and Facebook.

Remarketing through Google AdWords allows advertisers to remarket to past visitors through the Google Display Network using text, image, or Facebook remarketing works by advertising to previous visitors of the website on Facebook only through sponsored posts. We can also manage remarketing campaigns on YouTube as well, using video adverts. Remarketing is a great way to gain business that might previously have been lost so you might want to consider this too.

Now if you are ready to launch your next digital marketing campaign with us then give us a call or contact us for a free consultation.